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VPN services have a full range of benefits that suit everyone's needs. One of the benefits of a VPN connection is that it provides your computer with a “virtual” connection to another country or computer, this effectively hides your current location and makes the internet believe that you are located somewhere else.

Expats/Living Abroad


Are you an expat and looking to watch your favourite TV show or sports program and can't get it in your new location? A ClearVPN account will allow access to all online content available in the UK, USA or Canada. You can watch your favourite baseball, football or hockey teams, as well as accessing your favourite TV shows. View networks like the BBC, ITV, CBC, TSN, CTV, SyFY, ABC, CBS and NBC as well as any other region specific internet content. Additionally you have the benefit of eliminating problems with online ordering or banking by making the vendor or bank think you are in the country, hence removing any annoying "you can't purchase this item from your current location" messages.


Internet Blocking and Filtering


Do you live in a country with internet blocking or restrictions? A ClearVPN account will bypass all local internet blocking and restrictions; you will no longer be frustrated by annoying internet blocked messages stopping you from browsing and accessing the content you want on the internet. ClearVPN will also prevent your local ISP from intercepting or monitoring any of your personal communications or logging which websites you visit.




Does your country prevent you from using Skype, Vonage, Google Voice, or any other VOIP products? A ClearVPN account will let you unblock and use Skype, MSN, Google voice or any other VOIP applications as you would in your home country, saving you money on your international communication needs.


Security When Traveling or Using Wi-Fi


Like to surf the web at your local internet cafe? Travel for business or pleasure and use unsecured internet connections at hotels, businesses or airports? You need personal security for all your web surfing, emails and passwords with a ClearVPN account. Any information you send over a Wi-Fi or local network can be captured and read - all emails, passwords or data. Some countries even have a policy of scanning/reading all email sent from their country. ClearVPN offers the highest level of encryption for your safety. When using a VPN all your internet data/traffic is encrypted on your computer and sent to our server for decryption where it is then released to the internet. No country, hacker or unsecure network can capture your data, email or passwords.